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About UsIf you’re thinking of hiring caterers for a special occasion, whether it’s your wedding day, a milestone birthday, a huge corporate event or a small family get-together, you need to know you’re in safe, capable, professional hands. If you put your faith in Hog Roast Basildon to provide tasty, homemade food that all your guests will love, you’ll certainly be making the right decision, and there are many reasons why. We put our customers first, pay attention to the little things and go the extra mile to ensure the food at your party is a resounding success. By being extremely flexible with our menus and even going so far as to encourage our customers to devise their own, and offering lots of other food besides our amazing hog and spit roasts, we ensure that our customers and their guests get exactly what they want to be served on the day, rather than having to settle. Plus you may be surprised at our competitive prices, too.


Simply being flexible isn’t enough when catering for all kinds of celebrations and About Uscommemorations and that’s why for many years now we’ve offered plenty of variety as well. While our succulent hog roasts at Hog Roast Basildon have to be tried to be believed, we can instead (or additionally) cook a spit-roasted meat for you, like turkey, chicken, lamb or beef. Our hand-built hog roast machines can even barbecue meat, like our chef’s own sausages or burgers that are 100% beef, or fish if you prefer. We can cook an entire meal of meat, vegetables and potatoes for you and your guests, or put together some fresh salad dishes and we even have all kinds of options for guests with dietary needs, like vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Whatever your wants, and whatever your guests’ needs, we’re the number one choice for variety.


While we love to offer variety, our hog roasts are the best you’ll ever eat. Not only are they are fantastic to look at, they emit wonderful aromas and the taste is like nothing you’ve ever eaten before. Our Hog Roast Basildon chefs lovingly prepare and roast our locally-sourced pigs for several hours, and once rested and ready to carve, your mouth will be watering and then once you’ve tried it, you’ll simply have to return for another bite.




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